Welcome! You know you are awesome and full of potential beyond measure. It’s time to kick start your passion project and be the best version of you. The world is waiting for what you have to offer.

Hey there, I’m Lerato

I’m a Catalyst for Success and Happiness.

I help women, especially Mompreneurs kick the fear and turn their Passion or Proficiency into Profit or Purpose.

So, Let’s package your brilliance & build a purpose driven Life and Business, so you can make an impact in the world.



I’m on an Audacious Pursuit of Happiness, a transformation Journey to living the Life of My Own Design.

If you are a Motivated Woman, Mompreneur or Lady-Boss or Boss-man that is passionate about taking charge and building an extraordinary life.

I want to help you with taking the first step to Claiming what’s rightfully yours. I want to help change the negative energy you might have into Inspiration and to Amplify your Strengths to use as Fuel as you work on your Dreams and Goals. #Default2Design

Let us build a life of Freedom, Fulfilment and Abundance together.

Be More, Do More and Have More.

How can I help you?


● Drowning in the overwhelm regarding launching your own business and reaching your goals.
● Ready and eager to create a business and life that are fulfilling as they are flexible, but experiencing some blockages?
● Craving clear strategies, systems, and action plans that will help you focus on getting you exactly where you want to go in simple bite-sized steps.
● Confused about where to start but are committed to doing whatever it takes to be successful at building a life of your design!
● You have got the foundations of your business set up, but you want GROWTH, CONSISTENCY AND MASSIVE ALIGNMENT.
● Have Imposter syndrome, constantly second-guessing your competence therefore continuously downplaying your worth, efforts, gifts, and achievements.
● On the verge of giving up, or constantly sabotaging your potential success.

Then welcome

My one on one or group coaching is custom made and tailored to help you move past your own limited mindset and arm you with a clear strategy to move forward.  Here’s how we can move forward

“If you are not choosing a designed life, you are automatically choosing the default life.”

~ Lerato ~



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