The Road-Map to kick-start your Default 2 Design Journey

Default2Design Road-Map

Just the way you envisioned it

Hey friend

Let’s continue to talk about the concept of Default2Design, this is bigger than you think. The more I dig into it, the more I find out the depth of it.

I always like to start by defining these 2 words, default and design

DEFAULT – A preselected option adopted when no alternative is specified by the user.

DESIGN – The art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan of something before it is made.

Let me break it down for you further.

Life by Default – This simply means you are sleep walking through your life. It also means that you have no hand in the way most your things are turning out in your life. Therefore, you have no right to complain about the outcome. And NO, I’m not talking about things that you can’t control. We all know that life is bigger than us and we cannot control everything that we come across. But yes, we can choose how they make us feel and how they affect us.

Easier said than done you think?! Yes, it is, but it’ s not impossible and It’s doable. We just need to learn a bit of Emotional Intelligence. Especially if you are looking to change your life and chase success. 

Life by Design – This means, you have thought about your Dreams and Goals and you have made an effort to identify the vehicles that will help you achieve them. It means you are actively engaging in the activities that are adding value to your end Goals.

This could also mean, you are living a life that you have designed and worked towards. Or better, living life just the way you envisioned it.  

Starting the journey to life by design will not be an easy one, and it is certainly going to take some effort from you, but it is going to be worth it, I know it. And the idea is to enjoy the journey before you even get to the destination. So, I know that we may not all be privileged to attain a fully designed life but we can all start somewhere, or even start with small things that you have always had in your mind but have constantly pushed them aside.

Start thinking about the things that fuel you, things you enjoy, things you would want to spend most of your times DOING.

So, some of us may know what we want in life, and/or have realized that there is more to life than just waking up to get back to sleep. BUT, we may also be struggling to get our focus on and getting started. Life by design will be a journey comprised of different Aspects of your life, so you would have to list them by importance and priority. I have put together an easy 6 step Road-Map to help you kick start your life by Design. This template can be used with any part of your life that needs to undergo the transformation.

I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m certainly on my way there and it’s been great. I have clear goals of what direction I want my life to take. This Road-Map has helped me a lot and I hope it helps you too.

The 6 steps spell out the word DESIGN so it should be easy to remember.

Step 1 D – Define your Dream/Goal

Before starting out with something, it’s important for you to understand why you are doing it. So, defining your Dream/Goal starts with defining your Why. Your goal may be big and broad but starting small with the important activity first will help you structure the whole series. And your WHY will be needed to clarify the goal and to keep you motivated along the way.

The best way to eat an Elephant is in small pieces.

If you don’t know what your Why is, think of what keeps you up at night.

Let’s do the 5 Why ‘s to help you identify your WHY?


Part of my Default 2 Design activities is acquiring a passive income

Why? 1: because I need an additional income that will require less time from me in the future.

Why? 2: because I want to one day be able to choose the type of work I want to do.

Why? 3: so that I can create my own work schedule and focus mainly on the work that fulfills me.

Why? 4: so, I can spend more time with my daughter while building the life that would suite us and be present in the educational journey.

Why? 5: because I would love for us to travel the world, see more places, meet more people and do more to contribute to society the best way I can.

The 5th Why, will reveal your true WHY, but if you haven’t reached it yet, go ahead and ask another why.

After you have discovered your WHY, it’s now time to define and set your GOAL.

Setting your Goal

What? – Acquire passive income stream

Why? – So that I can have the ability to create FREEDOM, FULFILLMENT & ABUNDANCE

When? – In the next 12 months

Feel – This would make me feel proud and confident

What must I do every day for me to achieve it? – plant a seed (invest in a passive income stream), water it (nature the investment), harvest and continue to plant others. Continuously for the next 12 months.

That should help you define you goal, as it pushes you to put more thought into your goal and WHY.

Step 2 E – Expand your Mind

Expand your mind is about changing your mind-set. Science today says that we can influence our outer world by influencing our inner world.

We are guilty of constantly being passive observers; we now have the power to participate in the world by using our consciousness at a level where it changes what we think and feel, which emotions we experience and what we believe.

What if I told you that just by changing your mind-set, you could begin to effortlessly attract the success you desire?

What if you could not only attract success, but become successful at a core level?

For you to start any improvement you need to transform your thinking processes and develop a true success mind-set. And with the right mind-set, there is no limit to what you can create in your life.

Human consciousness and how we focus is having a continuous and direct impact on the stuff that holds our world together.

Developing a True Success Mind-Set is going to be one of  the first milestones that you are going to need overcome so that you can start paving your way to a better, improved life.

Step 3 S – Situation right now

In this step, you must do what I call a GAP Analysis. A GAP Analysis is important because it’s going to help you identify the GAP between your GOAL and your CURRENT situation. This is also going to help you understand what challenges or limitations you could possibly come across because of your current status, such as finance, times, resources etc.

Let’s look the 4 main GAP analysis that should be done

  1. Finance – do you have the finance to invest in your plan/goal?
  2. Time – does your current schedule allow you to put in the time for your plan/goal?
  3. Competency – do you have the skills to complete the goal?
  4. Preparation – are you prepared to commit to the goal?

Now that you know how big your GAP is, you can put a plan in place and act.

Step 4 I – Implementation

The implementation is one of the important steps because you will be putting all that work and knowledge into actions. 

Plan – plan the task that needs to be done

Do – implement on a smaller scale to test

Check – check and adjust if necessary

Act – take action

And repeat the cycle until you have completed and perfected each item.

Step 5 G – Gain effective habits

Getting effective is just going to elevate your work.

  • Do a time management study, so you can track where you waste time and so you know how much time you have available to work on your plans.
  • Build habits to help you start working.
  • Write down a daily to do list that must be done without fail.
  • Work smart, not hard. Measure your results not your time.
  • Reward yourself for every milestone that is reached.

Step 6 N – Nourishment

Everything needs a little maintenance to survive. After you have put in all that work into your plans, you must continue to nourish them by doing the following;

  • Revisit your goal and plans and perform risk assessments regularly.
  • Reinvest in your plans to keep them alive.
  • Stay connected with your bigger goal.
  • Stay motivated, sometimes things will not go according to plan so its important to find something that will keep you motivated. Your WHY could be this thing.
  • Leave room for flexibility in your plans/goal


These 6 DESIGN steps can help you get started but remember you must commit and act for anything to work. The only person who will decide whether you will succeed or not is yourself.



Don’t complain about the things you are not willing to change.

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