What is Transformation?

What is Transformation?

Transformation is a marked change in form, nature, or appearance or a sudden dramatic change of scenery.

A transformation process is a metamorphosis during a life cycle.

Why transformation?

I have always been attracted to transformation, I just didn’t realize it until later in life. I remember even when I finished high school and I was asked what I was going to study, because I didn’t really plan on studying because I wasn’t interested in corporate, I was not really prepared. My sister brought me a prospectus from the university so that I can choose a course I was going to study. I scrolled through it looking for something interesting to study.

My first choice was architecture, but I fell short with marks on my one of my subjects and I didn’t want to do any additional classes to re-write.

So, I scrolled through it again and I landed on a page with a course called production/manufacturing management. I had never heard of that course before so I started doing some research on it and I liked what I found out. What caught my attention was the fact that it had to do with manufacturing something from nothing to something meaningful and useful. I was a sucker for seeing things start from nothing and being transformed into something great. And that is how I chose what I was going to study.

Transformation happens all around us, sometimes we are aware and sometimes we are not. I’m not just talking about transformation in our lives, I’m talking transformation of things around us.

My interest in technologies has led me to recognize how technology has evolved and transformed in the last couple of years. The capabilities and innovation possibilities are proving to grow beyond our wildest dreams. And this is happening at a speed faster than expected. Some of the concept we are said to be using in the next 5 to 10 years are not even produced yet but are possible concepts that are still on the pipeline.

Forbes Technology Council put together a list of 10 New Technologies that changed the world;

Tech advancements have significantly influenced the business and consumer spheres over the last several years, from 3-D printers to self-driving cars. Ten members of the Forbes Technology Council each shared what they believe to be the most impressive piece of technology from the past five years.

  1. Self-Driving Vehicles
  2. Voice Interface Technology
  3. Blockchain
  4. 3-D Printers
  5. Microservice architectures – apps
  6. Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS)
  7. Big Data Tools
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Machine Learning
  10. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags

I was very happy to see that Blockchain has made the list because I believe its capabilities can simplify a number of processes that are performed in countries.

Blockchain is the technology underlying Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, no one has been able to counterfeit it. This shows the robustness of Blockchain technology. Blockchain provides a network that enables various stakeholders to transact with trust, security and anonymity. It provides a single source of truth.

Lets explore more about Crypto currencies i.e Bitcoin, in next weeks blog.

Change has happened, and continues to evolve. The question is are you ready to move with change?

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Change is inevitable, growth is optional

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