How can you possibly balance your work and home business life effectively

I bet you thought running your own business was not only going to pay you better, but will enable you to create your own schedule. I think by now you have realized that, that is not how it works. I’ve found that when running your own business, you have less time than when working for someone else.

The beauty about running your own business is that you can change the rules to suit you without jeopardising the quality of your business. Well that’s true if no 1 you realise that you have a problem and no 2 find a solution for it.

I specifically went into the home business because I not only wanted a way to create financial stability, but I also wanted something that could award me freedom of time. If you have ever started a business you will know how consumed you could get with your business and eventually start spending less and less time with your loved ones.

Yeah of course you need to put 100% of effort into your business, but should that be all day every day?  No, absolutely not, your business shouldn’t be the cause for your decreased quality of life with your family/loved ones and lack of sleep. The worst thing that could ever happen for an entrepreneur is to have a stressful time at work, then come back to a partner who feels neglected and unloved by you because you are so focused on your business.

Running your business is going to have some tough times and in those tough times, you are going to need all the support that you can get. Even better if it comes from your significant other or family. Being able to spend more time with family is a popular incentive for people looking to work from home, and it is also a reason that many home-based businesses fail.

You need to practice a perfect balance for quality time with your family while concurrently running a successful business in your home.

We often take for granted scheduling and planning our days when we run our own businesses. We don’t realise that, it is one of the basic things that could harm your work/family life.

So how do you do this balancing of work and family life?

Well for me, this is what works.

  • Understand exactly what daily activities are needed for your business to thrive. Write them down and prioritize them.
  • Do a Time Study exercise to see how much time you have available to work on your business, outside of your normal life activities such as; your 8-5 work (if you are still doing that), family responsibilities, chores, hobbies etc.
  • Determine your Negotiable tasks and non-negotiable tasks, so you can see where precious time is wasted.
  • Create a schedule that will work for you. Make sure your schedule details exactly what you need to do, this will help save you time and insure that you are more efficient. I plan my to do list the night before, so when I wake up I know exactly what I need to do.
  • Create time blocks in your day. Depending on your schedule, block out 1 – 2 hours a day to do MMA’s (Money Making Activities). I currently do an hour in the morning and an hour at night. This will of-course vary according to your business and schedule.
  • Stick to your schedule, it’s easy to reshuffle your schedule every now and then because you can, but try to stick to it consistently.
  • If you work on your business full-time, then create a designated work area if you can. Once you’ve moved into your work-space, treat your day as if you’ve actually left the house. In addition to having a dedicated work area, it is also really important to keep at least one space in the house as a business-free zone.” This will of course differ according to your business, family life and number of kids.
  • Be with a supportive partner, yes this is very important. You cannot be building a business with a partner that doesn’t believe or support your initiatives. I’m lucky to be working with my partner and we both share the same visions.
  • Set aside some time to spend with your partner or family. And when you are doing this, make sure you are in the moment and not distracted by phones, emails, social media etc.
balancing work and family life

It’s all about understanding what your business needs and providing that without deteriorating the quality of your family life. This can be challenging at first but with consistent practice, it will sure get better.

On this blog episode we only spoke about balancing work and family, but I’m sure you have a lot more going on than just your family, such as; friends, hobbies and leisure. My advice would be that, minimize on some of the leisure and too much time with friends especially when you are still starting and figuring out your business. There will be plenty of that when you have made it.

So, tell me, are you able to balance your work and business life?

Holla at me so we can share ideas


Never be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

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