One of my favorite activities to distress is dancing

As a busy person, one of the things that I like to distress with is Music and Dance.

I think we all have that one thing that helps us distress when we are feeling a bit under the weather. When we just need a moment to recoup from our work and stressful lives. For me Dancing is one of those things.

I am African. So, by culture we express Joy, Sadness, love, hope by singing and dancing.

But, I love dancing for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons is that it is my basic and most effective spiritual technology. Dancing releases me from my head and gets me into my body. I get to feel the rhythm flowing through my veins. My experience of the world becomes one where I am no longer separate from anything or anyone around me. Everything becomes a form of oneness.

Growing up, I attended several dance classes from modern dance to African contemporary, tap dance, hip hop and many more. These different types of dances all have something unique and special about them and they are each appealing to a different kind of crowd.

I take these different dance style like teachers who teach me how to respond to changing circumstances gracefully and creatively. It’s all about going with the flow, mixing music and moves to create beautiful pierces. It teaches me confidence and how to listen. A trade that every big dreamer needs.

In addition, it helps me understand other people better. I have learned how to assess people very quickly by dancing with them. I learn things about their personalities that would normally take me years to figure out in a non-dance interaction. In the intimacy of dance, people show parts of themselves they would never otherwise show. Trust is often implied. And I have learned to be very attentive to these signals that people normally won’t share with others until they know you very well.

I believe that there is nothing else better that can help me engage the same way physically, emotionally and socially all at once. It’s a form of holistic expression.

I love that I can do different things when I dance and be in a different world, I mean, physically I become untouchable. I can leap a lot higher when I’m dancing than I can ordinarily, and I can be on my feet longer than I would normally be if I weren’t in that altered state of consciousness.

Dance has a lot to teach me about life, too.
There’s a lot to like about dance. It is incredibly spiritual. It teaches you empathy and intuition and it is good for heart, soul, body and psychology. It is also a great way to keep your mind active as you age.

Dance is great for many other reasons too, such as exercise and social experience.

I dance when;

  • I am sad or feeling down.
  • I remember something from my past and I want to be in touch with those memories.
  • I am feeling happy.
  • I need motivation or need to distress.
  • I want to work out, but don’t want to go gym.
  • I want to go into deep thoughts!
  • I want to have fun and let loose.

“I dance because it celebrates what we have. I find that there is a lot of pain, hardships and negativity in the world, but inside the dance community there is joy. I dance because there I find joy among a sometimes, depressing world.”

What is the one thing that you love to do, that one thing that allows you to be in the world of your great imagination?


Why be moody when you can shake your booty! Never miss a chance to dance.

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