The formula for creating your own Luck

Most people think, this thing called LUCK is something that randomly happens to people.

No my friend! Real luck is created and guess who creates it? Yes! it’s created by you.

Think about situations where you were met with an opportunity of some sort and you didn’t grab it because you were either not ready, felt to intimidated or had some other reason you gave yourself.

In one of the South African languages Zulu, there is a famous saying ”Uzoy thola kanjani, uhleli ekhoneni” (which translates to ”How will you get it if you are just sitting on the corner doing nothing”). Ha ha if you didn’t get that, my apologies! I guess you need to be South African to understand it.

All I’m trying to say is, if you want something really bad, you need to get up and go for it. You need to stay prepared and await the opportunity.

The formula for LUCK is;


There is a way in which you can assist Lady Luck to move towards your direction if you do somethings differently and with intention;


  • Find out exactly what is it that you want.
  • Find out the ways in which you can achieve this.
  • Know your SWOT analysis according to the goal you want to achieve.
  • Learn the skills and info needed for the goal or desire you want to achieve.
  • Prepare yourself by staying in the presence and being on the lookout for what you want.


  • Opportunity doesn’t always come to you the way you expect it, but if you are ready and alert, you will be able to recognize it in any form it arises.
  • Luck does involve an element of chance, but “lucky” people respond to circumstances by spotting the opportunity and then acting on that opportunity.
  • Broaden your social circle and build your professional network. Introduce old friends to new acquaintances. This could be one of the fastest and best ways to attract more luck is to put yourself out there and meet more people, because people bring connections and connections bring opportunity.
  • Become an attractive person. You’ll attract opportunity. Opportunity will probably seek you out. Your reputation will probably follow you and someone will want to do business or activities with you.
  • All the possibilities are there by working on the philosophy that success is something you attract. The key is to continue making yourself a more attractive person by the skills you have and by displaying them every chance you get.


  • It’s all good and well for you to be prepared for the opportunity, but what will seal the deal will be you acting on them.
  • Understand your fears and limitations, that way you can have a plan to help you overcome them. Curb your fears with action.
  • Start and learn as you go. You will never know everything, so just start from where you are.
  • Avoid instant gratification, sometimes our minds can play tricks on us convincing you that the action needed is not important. This can cause you to procrastinate and delay your actions.
  • Realise the importance of failure. Failure is part of the process, when you realise that, you will be able to handle your failures better by turning them into lessons and stepping stones.

And Most Importantly Give

Giving creates relationships. When you’re sincerely generous, other people respond in kind: with advice, with connections, assistance and with everything on their disposal.

When you give out of sincerity and without the expectation of getting anything in return, you won’t have to hope that you’ll be lucky in your friends and network.

You will have earned your friends, and the lady luck that comes with them.

Giving people tend to associate with other giving people and by giving, they make each other “LUCKY.”

So true luck, is something you can’t control. Bad or good luck, happens to us all and we can’t control it, what we can control is how we respond to circumstance or chance and, more important, how often we put ourselves into positions where we can be “lucky.”

Its all about a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.


“Luck is matter of Preparation meeting Opportunity”

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