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The BE, DO, HAVE Model works

The mistake we all make is by saying things like ‘when I have the time I will follow my passion and have a fulfilled life’

Or ‘When I’m good enough, I will start a business or go for that promotion and have additional income’

Or ‘When I loose some weight, I will be able to go to the gym regularly and have a healthy body’

That is totally the wrong approach to achieving your goals or life in general. This approach we call the HAVE, DO, BE and this is how most of us are taught. 

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By leratomolepo
3 things to help you Connect your Inner and Outer World

Do you believe that we live in two different worlds at the same time?

What do I mean by two worlds?

The Inner world and the Outer world

The Inner world is everything that happens in our minds such as our thoughts, emotions, feeling, beliefs etc and the Outer world is situations and circumstances that happen to us and our physical reality.

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By leratomolepo
The Power of Your Mind

Believe it or not, our minds are powerful instruments and we need to learn how to use them more effectively.

We take it for granted that every day we wake up with unlimited power, the power to think whatever thought we chose.

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By leratomolepo
Can’t seem to decide after all that research? You could be Paralyzed by Analysis?

I think I’m ready, I just want to confirm a few things to ensure that I’m doing the right thing!

Then you end up over analyzing everything you come across and eventually delaying the decision making and getting started.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s called Analysis Paralysis

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By leratomolepo