Take Back Your Power

Who or what has taken your power from you?

Letting all your external factors take your power?

Are you on a stand still because you are waiting for a certain person to do something first so that you can be fine?

It’s like saying; when I get into a great relationship I will be happy – so in other words your happiness depends on someone else, you have given them the power to control how you feel.


I will up-skill myself when I get that promotion, what you are doing here is letting external factors dictate your personal development.

Take back your power

  1. Choice of thought – Remember you can choose how you want things to make you feel – you have an Outer and Inner World, and those are connected and can influence each other. But you can decide to either react or create how your outer circumstances makes you feel.


  1. Find happiness and fulfillment within you – the minute you look for happiness outside of you, you allow someone else to control it.


  1. There is power in saying ‘No’ – most of us are wimps and afraid to say ‘No’ to people – saying ‘No’ doesn’t make you a bad person, neither does it make you selfish. When you are being asked to do something, you don’t agree with Say ‘No’. or when someone asks a favor and you know you cannot help them, say ‘No’ and tell them why.


  1. Stick to your decisions – being indecisive can be a weakness, especially if you are easily influenced by other people or you worry about what they may say. Stop giving your power away. Decide and stick to it.


  1. Take responsibility for your life – quit looking to everybody else about your life. This is your life, take ownership of it. Nobody knows you better than you, so no one else can make decisions that will benefit.


Claim your power back by taking care of yourself the best way you know how. #DoYou

This life is yours……


“Self-care is how you take your power back.”



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