The Three Currencies Of Life

Life can be expensive, and the sad truth is, the currencies available to help us live it are limited.

Many of us spend most of our lives working, to survive. It’s a constant struggle trying to manage a busy schedule of work and family time.

It’s time we learn that it is not just money that buys us the finer things in life. There is a lot more that one needs, to live a well-balanced life.

What are the Three Currencies of Life?

Time, Money and Energy!

At each point of our lives, we never have a proper balance of all three currencies, we usually have 2 out of the 3 currencies.

In your 20 – 30’s you have the Time and the Energy but usually no Money

In your 30 – 50’s you have the Energy and the Money but no Time

In your 50 – 80’s you have the Time and the Money and no Energy

I know, you can’t win right!

Imagine a life where you could experience all 3 currencies at the same time. Having a perfect balance of enough time, money and energy to do everything and anything that you want to do, whenever you want to do it.

With the traditional way of life, we work most of our lives and plan to enjoy it when we retire.

With most common jobs or careers, you might not even have enough money to live financially free when you retire, so you would have made a loss on your investment.

This is the old way of building a life.

The Three Currencies of Life

Time – we all have 24 hours in a day, however we are so caught up in our busy schedule that we don’t have enough time for the important things.

When I became a mom, I used to think I didn’t have enough time, until I realised that was just an excuse, I was spending most of my precious time doing non-value-added things. You have more time in a day than you think, change your ways and invest your time wisely.

Money –  In this life we need money to survive, this is the biggest reason why we usually sacrifice our time and energy for money.

Check how you spend your money but most importantly check how you earn your money. Explore opportunities of earning a passive income. The difference between Active and Passive income can change your life.

Energy – You are not always going to possess the same energy during the different phases of your life.

Useless things can take up a lot of energy, leaving you won out and feeling unproductive. Take stock of the things that you spend your energy on and decide what is worth your energy.

Align your Wealth Strategy to balance the 3 currencies of life.

As a corporate employee you may make a ton of money but have no time for your family, and as an entrepreneur you may not make a ton of money but have time to spend a couple of hours at the gym or play with your kids daily.

Instead of waiting until you retire, start building a life that allows you to experience the balance of Time, Money and Energy.

Build a Passive Income – a passive income will free up your time because there will be no need to sell your time for money.

Figure out which of the currencies is important to you and Invest in it.

Now that you know your most important Life Currencies, spend them wisely.  



“Everything is like Currency, spend it wisely.”

Tomiko Fraser Hines

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