Why you should align your Thoughts, Words and Activities?

Do you ever wonder why at some point it becomes so hard to achieve our goals?

Here’s my take; you Say one thing, while Thinking about something else. Then you spend your time doing activities that contribute to something completely different!

You are all over the place, and your energy is spread out widely.

Focus is everything and adjusting your three powers of creation, your Thoughts, your Words and Activities, having them all moving in the direction of a similar objective can pull in the things we want.

Achievement = Thoughts +Words +Actions


You are the one individual who hears your words the entire day. Be cautious what you state to yourself and about yourself.

Talk positive things about your wants.

However, recall simply talking about something won’t breathe life into it, you should act to make it happen.


Your thoughts are amazing powers and they are a critical part in drawing in the things we want.

For example; You are searching for an occupation and you present your application to different organizations, however in your brain, you are thinking to yourself ‘I am not good enough, or they won’t get back to me’!

What you are doing here is making a move to accomplish your objectives (finding a new job/occupation), however you are additionally disrupting yourself with the self-limiting thoughts.


An objective is only a fantasy until you make a move.

A large number of us have incredible thoughts and dreams however we don’t make any move to breathe life into them.

Taking action creates habits, which leads to achievement.

Considering and Wishing won’t bring results however acting will.

Adjusting your three ground-breaking powers will make this procedure less demanding and whenever you meet up with road blocks in the process, you will be in a superior position to manage them.

Let’s connect or comment below about your experience with aligning your three forces of creation.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.’’

Mahatma Gandhi

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