How to Make Money Everyday!

I am pretty sure one the biggest questions that lot of people ask themselves is ‘How the heck can I make money every day?’

I certainly ask myself that question everyday… Yes, every day.

Well, the answer is become a SOPIE!!

SOPIE stands for;







Most of us have employment, so we earn money. What we do with the money is a story for another day.

Get into the habit of saving your money. Have separate buckets where you can save your money.

Emergency bucket – for all your unplanned emergency expenses

Freedom bucket – for all your investments, retirement and generational legacy building expenses

Project bucket – for all your current and future projects such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, property deposits etc.


How great does it feel when you own something!

Being an owner of something gives you the ability to build something worthwhile that you can control.

But the best part is, you can make money from being an owner.

If you own a business, you can make money from it.

If you own a property, you can make money from renting it out.

If you own a car, you can rent it out to organisations like UBER.

So, own something.


So, humans are both producers and consumers, but the one you tend to lean towards a lot, will determine whether you can make money or not.

A Consumer is a person who buys and uses goods and services.

A Producer is someone who makes and provides goods or services.

So, in summary a producer will always be dependent on the producer to survive, therefore will always be a willing buyer.


Being an investor means allocating capital with the likes of real estates, stocks & bonds, Currencies and commodities with the expectation of future financial returns.

You don’t have to be in position of a large amount of money to invest. Start small but be consistent. There is power in Compounding Interest!

There are 2 types of investors, Passive investors and Active Investors.

Passive investors put their money in a fund that tracks the S&P500 index, the portfolio is managed by the fund. This is more long-term investments.

Active investors are hands on, they control their own portfolios according to the market performance. You need to acquire some investment knowledge. This can be long or short-term investments.


Entrepreneurs rather that becoming employees, founds and runs a company.

These individuals play a major role in the economy. They solve problems and get involved in initiatives that make this world a better place to live in.

But most of all, they can make profit from the creative deeds.

Now that you understand the types of ways that you can be SOPIE, choose one thing to start with and add on every time.

The combination of all these, will make you money EVERY DAY!!

Comment below connect with me about the activities in SOPIE that work for you.  

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“It’s always a good day to look good and make money.’’

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  1. It is always a good day to look good and build wealth…….Gospel

    1. Oh yes my brother…everyday

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