Be a Proud Producer, rather than a Constant Consumer

Did you know that Humans are both Producers and Consumers?

In Science terms, the difference between the 2 is; Producers are organisms that generate food for themselves and others and Consumers do not produce anything, but rather depend on the producers for food.

The explanation is not too far off, for us humans.

A Consumer is one who acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership.

A Producer is one who makes goods and services or creates economic value.

Being a Producer means you are constantly using your creative juices to produce or create solutions for people’s necessities.

A consumer will always be dependent on the producer to survive.

The problem is, there is a large majority of consumers than there are producers in this world.

We consume by shopping, watching television, listening to music, reading, eating etc.

Those are all kinds of consumption. Ideally you want to be less of a consumer because, being a consumer usually means you are never fulfilled or satisfied, and there will always be a need to consume more than what is necessary.

Such behaviour can lead to you enslaving yourself by affording your lifestyle with debt.

We live in an extremely materialistic world and we were programmed to be consumers from a young age by things like advertising.

This part of our SOPIE challenge is about being a producer so you can add value to your world.

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Challenge number #3: Be a Proud Producer

Being a Producer simply means you are inventive, imaginative, innovative, experimental, original. artistic, expressive, inspired, visionary. productive, talented, resourceful and a problem solver.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and sell it to those who are thirsty.

A list of examples that one can PRODUCE

  • Be an Innovator – Innovate a Game Changing product or service.
  • A song writer– write a song about anything you are interested in.
  • A movie – produce a movie, we all have some story telling in us.
  • Dance moves – if you are a creative artist like me, come up with a fun dance move or choreography and give it a name.
  • A book – did you know you can self publish a book on platforms like Amazon?
  • A business – an entrepreneur is a problem solver, find a problem and solve it.
  • A farmer – instead of buying all your vegetable, start a little garden and enjoy the pleasure of eating fruits of your own labour, plus you will save money.

There are many things that one can do to be a producer, just think outside the box!

Activities for challenge #3

Pop Quiz.

  • When the holiday season approaches, do you?
    1. Get excited about all the specials at the mall or
    2. See opportunity for starting or scaling your business and creating gifts that you could sell to the willing buyers.
  • The government announces a shortage of food and water in the next 2 years, do you?
    1. Place your hands on your head and think DISASTER!! , or
    2. See an opportunity to get involved in solving the problem Place your hands on your head and think DISASTER!!
  • In 24 hours of your day, do you?
    1. Spend over 50% of your time consuming what other people have produced (shopping/watching t.v etc) or
    2. Spend over 50% of your time producing assets that are contributing towards your goal or purpose.
  • When faced with a challenge, do you?
    1. Immediately seek for the solution elsewhere, or
    2. Attempt to find the solution for yourself before getting help.
  • If we were stuck in an Ireland and we all had to pitch in to start a new life, how many self-sustaining skills would you contribute with.
    1. None
    2. At least 1 – 5

If you have more 1’s than 2’s, you are a more of a consumer that a producer.

All of us can be creative and produce distinctive items that add value. We have a lot more prominent potential than we think.

I know that not every person is made to turn into a business visionary, however you can likewise turn whatever skill you possess into something that can help others.

You can break free from being just a consumer by turning into a producer too. And the sooner you switch sides, the sooner life winds up simpler.

Of course, Producers and Consumers need each other to survive, but decide on which side do you want to belong……… and choose wisely!

Comment below or connect with me so we can share more ideas and tips on being a Proud Producer.





“Every man is a consumer and ought to be a producer. He is by constitution expensive and needs to be rich.’’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Success come from creation not consumption. Good one.

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