Are you suffering from Shiny objects syndrome?

In the online business world, there will always be something new that promises better business models and better profits.

Will someone please shout SOS!!!

Did you know the number one reason that upcoming entrepreneurs never reach their full potential is they have caught the shiny object syndrome?

If you are constantly abandoning old projects because you got distracted by a new one? Something better than the last one, and you are convinced that this one will make you much happier, wealthier than the last one.

Then my friend you are suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome. This means you are easily distracted by any new object/business that passes by you.

It’s like a child that immediately drops her candy or toy when she sees something else shiny that interests her but loses their interest in it as they approach it. The shininess disappears, and so does the interest in the object.

Entrepreneurs, due to their nature of them being highly active and motivated, also suffer from this. New projects are taken on, while not completing those that they have already began. This way nothing is really mastered.

However, awareness and through clear focus and goal setting and this behaviour can easily be cured.

The danger with SOS is that you never finish whatever you started.

Instead of using all your energy into mastering and making one thing work, you end up with many unfinished projects and the feeling of nonfulfillment.

How do you know if you are suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome?

  • You have a long list of business ideas, but no active running business.
  • Poor planning, your routines change every 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Inability to finish projects.
  • Wasting too much money on new projects, with no realized returns.

How to overcome Shiny Object Syndrome.

  • Sit on your ideas and thoroughly brainstorm before putting them into action.
  • Decide and stick to your decisions when starting new projects.
  • And most importantly finish off what you have started.
  • Stay committed to your plans, no matter how tough the process is.

Learn to do what you said you were going to do. Quit running after new shiny objects and commit to your projects until they are fully completed. Embrace the great with the not so great!!

Comment below or connect if you currently suffer or have previously suffered from Shiny Objects Syndrome. I know I certainly have, but I have since realized this and I am slowly working on improving. Since then I have seen great progress with my projects.


“Focus – Follow One Course Until Success.’’

4 Replies to “Are you suffering from Shiny objects syndrome?”

  1. Focus is key

  2. Yooo sesi Lerato, this is just awesome. I think I have the syndrome 😳😳😳
    This is very insightful.
    Keep it up.

    1. Hey gal, at least now you know, so you can do something about it;)

  3. I’m excited to discover this site. I want to to thank you for your time for this fantastic read!!
    I definitely loved every little bit of it and I have you book marked to see
    new information in your site.

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