5 hurdles that Mompreneurs come across

I know that not all lady Entrepreneurs are moms, but for those of us that are juggling both motherhood and business, you know how rough things can spin out of control.

As a Mompreneurs you could already be overwhelmed trying to juggle life, business and family, let alone trying to build an empire.

I am here to tell you that, you don’t always have to be stress ball, because if you know how to play your cards right you can do all the things you want to do and Rock at it.

Any great journey will have certain bumps along the way and the more you accept that fact, the better you are in preparing for them.

Some of the things that can hinder your mission will be;

1. Trying to become everything to everyone – It’s important that you understand that you can’t do everything. I worked a full-time demanding job, raising an energetic 3-year-old and running 2 businesses.

I had to get comfortable with saying no to some activities that I used to find amusing; women’s weekend getaways, dinners, volunteering, and more. You have to let some things go. I know it can be hard to step out of social situations as it feels like you are missing out, but you really need to manage the precious, limited resource of time to build something that is solid.

Try to involve your family in your business, make the business an adventure and a learning platform for your kids. They can learn valuable planning, marketing, and sales skills that will help them later in life.

2. Staying true to yourself – This can be very difficult because we tend to think that we have to act a certain way for us to succeed in business.

Keep your dreams at the forefront of your plans, start with the end in mind and let that lead you. Some people may tell you that your dreams are silly or unreachable, know this; you are the only one that sees your vision so, never allow someone to dictate what you want in life! Know that your dreams are the basis for everything you can and will achieve in your life.

3. Lack of funding – As lady bosses, we usually have other personal things that need our capital, let alone our businesses, so, having available funds for your business can be a struggle at times.

Cashflow management is key, when your business is still in its infancy, try to limit your expenses. 

Take inventory of all the things that are needed in your business and tick off the activities that you can invest time in learning yourself instead of hiring someone else to do. Of course, you cannot do everything yourself, but when starting off, take responsibility for the smaller things so you can save your money for the complicated activities such as bookkeeping, accountants etc.

These days the online world also provides an enormous number of resources and opportunities that are available, for free. For instance, you can build a website for free (or nearly free) using website builders like Wix or WordPress; and your work will be reasonably professional-looking. You can also create accounts and connect with audiences for free, at any time, on pretty much any social media platform or forum.

Getting funding from your local funding organisations and crowd funders can also be a good idea.

Look at getting loans or using your credit card, but make sure you are doing this after you have done all your calculations and you understand your ROI’s.

4. Having the mommy guilt – when starting a business, it’s important to make a list of all personal and business needs. Rather than having a crazy-long daily agenda every day for life at home and work. Set and rank your needs according their highest priorities.

Frequent disturbances won’t help you to be a profitable or powerful mother or entrepreneur. By knowing your needs, you’ll improve your centre, keep your sanity, and that will decrease some of the mommy blame.

“When I began organising my needs, family needs and business needs at the top, balance and equilibrium came and being both a mom and an entrepreneur began to flow in line.”

5. It can be a lonely journey – the entrepreneur road can be quite a lonely journey. Most people, particularly parents find it too risky to start or run businesses. They would rather depend on a fixed and ‘’secured’’ salary.

But for Rock Stars like you and me, there are various communities that support entrepreneurs more especially lady bosses thrive in their businesses, join them and stay on top of your game.

I believe that women and moms make incredible business people because we are experts in juggling many different things at once. These tricks mentioned above help to keep me sane. I always start my day with exercise. I listen to podcasts while on my treadmill and try to prioritize my day. And I also have good people around that add to my life and make it more enjoyable daily.

Know that it will get easier when you get better at planning your days and making peace with not hitting all your goals all the time.

Comment below or connect with us and let us know which of these hurdles do you mostly struggle with.






“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.’’

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