5 False beliefs about running an Online business

I too used to find it very intimidating to run an online business. My limiting beliefs convinced me that it was for other people and not for me. One of the biggest fears was that, I needed to be techno savvy if I wanted to be successful in the online world.

I went into the online business by accident. I was not necessarily looking for an online business when I started, I just wanted a strategy that could allow me to run my business while I had a full-time job and as a mom.

5 False beliefs that could be limiting you

  1. I’m not good enough and need to be techno savvy or have a web design/programming degree of some sort. – you don’t need to be all of that. There are tools and services available that you could use to run a successful online business.
  2. I need to know everything about the online world and my business. – yes, you need to know the important parts about your business, but there are parts of your business that you could outsource.
  3. My product or service must be perfect before I launch. – just like starting a traditional business, you don’t have to be perfect to start your business. Just know how to serve and who your ideal customers are.
  4. Running an online business is expensive. – Running an online business can be cheaper than running a traditional business. For example, you don’t always need brick and mortar along with its running costs.
  5. The web world is a big bad world. – business is a big bad world, whether traditional or online. When starting something new, its best to learn from those who have done it and model their strategies “success leaves clues”. You don’t have to do this alone.

All this can be true if you don’t know the facts about the online world. Fear of the unknown is a normal thing, but you can overcome it.

If an online business looks attractive to you. Don’t let your self-limiting beliefs rob you from experiencing the freedom of running a business that could give you time and location dependant freedom.

I hope this helps, then hit me back or comment about ways you are limiting yourself.

With Love and Light





“You are your only limit.”

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  1. Wow this is a handy web page.

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