How to run your business guilt free in this pandemic?

Running a business right now can be somewhat challenging, and that’s if you are classified as essential and able to run your business at all because of this lockdown and quarantine movement.

Does this mean that our businesses should suffer at a time like this?

How can one stay afloat in this difficult time while keeping healthy contact with your customers or clients?

Three things you can do to run your business guilt free in a disaster;

  1. We own some rental properties. Making payments for our properties will be difficult if our tenants don’t pay us. But our bank has given us a payment plan/relief so we don’t take too much of a hit during the lockdown – You can look at offering a payment plan to your customers if you able to, this will show them that you care and they will consider doing business with you in this difficult time.
  2. The other day I was at an ATM to draw money and while the transaction was in progress, instead of the normal banking safety information, the screen was showing valuable information about the current pandemic and how you can protect yourself from it. They incorporated spreading the word in their banking process – Try to reach out to your customers or clients or use your platform to give valuable information about to the current pandemic.  
  3. My 4-year-old is a gymnast and was meant to start with her competitions in 2 months. Because of the current social distancing restriction, they have decided to post some of the workouts and routines on their social media groups so the kids can start learning them from home. – So, you can find creative ways to stay relevant and still serve or reach your customers. Most businesses are going online with their products and services.

Sometimes we need a disaster to trigger change or innovation in our spaces. Don’t always focus on the negative in situations, focus on the solution and designing your business to survive or have minimal damage.

Business must go on, so if you are one of the lucky ones to be in operation, make it count.

Hit me back and let know what changes you have made to your biz because of the Covid-19.

With Love and Light





“ Every master was once a disaster.”

4 Replies to “How to run your business guilt free in this pandemic?”

  1. Good read INDEED and eye reminds me of the book who moved my cheese! And how CHANGE can affect you and our business, it’s either you adapt or start feeling sorry for yourself…Thanks for the article lolly

    1. Yes, you welcome Joy! keep well

  2. Instead of retrenching staff, we decided to cut down on their hours so that they all get a chance to work and helped them apply for the disaster relief funding.

    1. That’s awesome. It shows us that you can get creative when you put your mind to it

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