5 Tips for working effectively from home

Working from home has become a norm for most people these days. And I know that if you are not used to working from home, you might find it a bit challenging to focus and get some work done.

Working from home can be very effective and flexible if you are doing it correctly.

As a mom I know that when you are home everybody suddenly needs something from you. Next thing you know, it is the evening and time to make supper and you haven’t even started working!

So, what can you possibly do to insure you are working effectively from home?

I have put together some tips to help you.

5 tips that help me focus and work effectively from home.

  1. Write a to do list the night before so you know exactly what you will be working on the next day. This will make it easier for you to start working and insuring you have all your important work lined up.
  2. Get out of bed and get dressed. The days when working from home meant an image of a slacker in pyjamas are rapidly disappearing. I find that getting up and maybe even taking a shower before I start working gears me up for a productive work session.
  3. Batch your work and take regular breaks. It might be tempting to work flat out because you are on a roll or trying to prove that working from home is effective. But study shows that the most productive employees work in intervals of time, then take small breaks in between.
  4. Be clear on your working hours and stick to them. Make everyone in the house aware of them and insist that they don’t disturb you during that time.
  5. Create a comfortable space to work from. If you are going to work in the living room or tv room, you might be increasing the chances of disturbances from your family members.  
  6. BONUS: stay OUT of the kitchen! It can be very easy to find yourself visiting the fridge or snack cupboard every 15 mins when you are trying to work. Rather grab a snack or drink and take it to your work area but DO NOT go back for another one until your break time.

If you are a parent like me and have little ones who need taking care of, take turns with your spouse in taking care of the kids while the other one works and vice-versa. Working from home might not be for everyone but for us who work online, it has become a norm. You need to be disciplined and you might even realise that you could be more effective than you are at the office since there would be minimal disturbances and less back to back meetings that usually eat up your day.

Share some the ways that help you work effectively from home.  

With Love and Light





“Remote work is the future of work.”

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