When you heard the word “HEARTACHE’’ did you think about something related to the matters of the heart like a love relationship?

Well, a heartache does not only come from a love relationship gone wrong.

A definition of a heartache from Wikipedia is as follows;

Heartache may refer to: Lovesickness, condition involving romantic obsession or longing. A broken heart or heartbreak, emotions after loss, disappointment or relationship break-up.

The heartache we referring to is a broken heart due to disappointment.

As thriving individuals, we have plans and sometimes those plans don’t go according to plan, and this can cause a heartache which can demotivate you and take you off track.

Three questions to help you get over a HEARTACHE or DISAPPOINTMENT

  1. Is there anything in your power that you can do? If there isn’t, then you need to stop worrying about something you cannot control.
  2. Did you die? If you didn’t die, then you are surviving or have survived the situation. Deal with the emotions and find out WHY you are really affected.
  3. Can you spot any opportunities in this situation? There are always opportunities in bad times, you just need to look at it from a different perspective and re assess the situation.

This must be done sincerely for it to work. You really must have a tough conversation with yourself and be honest with your feelings and why you feel the way you feel.

How I used the 3 questions in a situation I had.

A company I was working for was going through restructuring because they were combining 2 departments. The management structure was going to change, and one person was going to be appointed as the head of our department. The general manager had a one on one with all the managers to inform us of the changes. I was very disappointed about the outcome of the meeting and immediately had a bad day.

I had to ask myself the 3 questions and had a heart to heart with myself and I came to realise that;

  1. I had no control over the situation, so I had to stop stressing over it.
  2. No, I did not DIE, but I was angry because my EGO was a little bruised. So, I had to realize that this didn’t mean that my abilities or competency were substandard and I had to get over it.
  3. Did I see any opportunities in the situation? Yes, because I didn’t have to run a whole department and have my hands full, this gave me a chance to improve my skills in some other area of work that I wanted to focus on initially.

Knowing how to control your emotions can be a life saver as you cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control how it affects you.

Share some the ways that help you get over a disappointment and heartache.  

With Love and Light





“ We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.”

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