About Me


Have you ever felt stuck and at a plateau in your work/business and not sure how to move forward?? That’s how I was feeling a few years back. Until I started to take charge of my life and the direction it was taking.

I’m a PK – Pastor’s kid, a Mompreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist and a Strategist dedicated to help you build your biz or life from Default 2 Design. I believe if you are not choosing the designed life, you are automatically choosing the default life.

With my years of existence, I have acquired a successful background in Business Operations, Project Management, New Product/Business Development, Continuous Improvement and Business Excellence. One of a few females who are Certified in the Black-Belt Lean Six-Sigma industry in South Africa.

Born in Kimberly, in the Northern Cape of South Africa.

When I was young all I wanted to do was become a dancer and stage performer while travelling the world, but because I didn’t have a plan, I ended up in university with a degree (ha ha ha I know right!)

I started with my corporate journey and became successful at it until I realized I was destined for something far more personal and fulfilling, so things started to change for me.

The feeling of being stuck and at a plateau in my life and work started to cloud me and I had a deep desire to pursue more meaningful work.

Even though I had this desire to pursue my entrepreneurial or passion journey I constantly procrastinated and told myself I will follow that part of my journey later in life. My aha…moment occurred when I first picked up the book ‘Rich dad, poor dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. I learned that there is another way.

Between 2015 and 2017, a tragic series of events almost led me into depression and left me feeling empty but forced me to redesign my life.

The first and major one was when I lost my first-born daughter, who was born prematurely and then passed on after an emotional roller coaster ride for 6 months in NNICU.

The day I lost my angel, I died BUT I woke up again. It felt like my shell was shattered and my soul was exposed. My husband and I were left BROKE, BROKEN, and BURDENED with emotions we couldn’t deal with. I grieved and still grieve, BUT I do the work every day. I show up and honor my feelings, fears, and emotions.

I knew that experience was a deep awakening for me and in one of those difficult days, I made a promise to myself that I will take on challenges head-on and I will thrive to live life to the fullest, while I follow my dreams and passions.

But I was scared to go through the new journey because I was already dealing with challenging motherhood and I was feeling overwhelmed about having to deal with entrepreneurship.  I searched for guidance, leads, and support, but I couldn’t find anything that was well suited for me at the time.

I then picked myself up, made some changes, and used my pain to fuel my passion and purpose. I took my knowledge and skills of being an improvement strategist, my love for personal mastery, and acquired further skills in personal development such as NLP, Life, and LOA techniques and practices and I implemented them in my life.

I immediately started to notice the positive improvements in my spiritual, emotional, and financial life.

My tragic time exposed to me that I didn’t have

  1. Time freedom
  2. Financial freedom and choice
  3. And a clear goal and strategy of how I wanted my life to be like

My experience ignited a whole new side of me, aside I didn’t even know existed.

But it wasn’t enough for me to find my happy place in the world. I created Default 2 Design Academy to help women who feel the same way I did. My strategies contain the exact steps I followed to make it to the other side and love life all over again.


I look forward to waking up every day to work towards my desired future. I have clarity on my purpose and highest values, and I am building businesses that will allow me to follow my passion, make a difference, increase my earnings and have the ability to spend precious time with my wonderful husband and 2 beautiful kids, Yes! I was blessed again.

I am grateful for my journey because it has pushed me into a better version of myself.

Not only did I manage to help myself but I have helped some other incredible women (and special men) , draw strength from their pains and get incredible transformation by bringing their ideas into reality and realize their passion and purpose as well as using them in a way that fulfills them.

I now teach people how to pursue a dream so powerful that it burns within them and how to earn an income while making an impact in the world. I believe that we’re given gifts to change the world. I do this through my courses and one on one interactions and soon planning to add books to the list. Yay!

My entrepreneurial journey started at the same time as my motherhood journey and that brought doubts and overwhelm as I thought, I might be too busy to focus and make it work, BUT learning and exploring what powers me, as well as taking that first step, exposed me to many possibilities and now I am ready to help you get started.

I help individuals both define and achieve realistic goals faster and with great ease. My focus is on Mindset work, Entrepreneurship, and Money matters (personal finance).

On a lighter side

I am a lover of all things chocolate and I am crazy about dancing, outdoor activities, and African fashion.