My turning point

In 2015, a traumatic experience left me empty and forced me to take a look at my life and evaluate if it was going the way I would want it to. I lost my first daughter, who was born prematurely and past on after 6 months. The doctor had told us that if she lived, she could have had brain disabilities and would need to be cared for, for the rest of her life. I was ready to leave my JOB and everything to care of her fulltime and nothing else mattered at the time. That experience taught me patience ‘which is my ultimate weakness’ and I learned to appreciate the time we have on earth. From that day onwards, I promised myself never to procrastinate but to live life to the fullest and to change from living by default to living a fulfilling life of my own design. Wanting to live a life that is more fulfilled, I decided that I wanted to Do More, Have More & Be More.

I wanted to do focus on the things that inspired me.

I was blessed with another baby girl and being a mom made me realize that I wanted to be able to spend time with my kids in whatever situation and be able to raise them exploring their full potential without worrying about ‘’earning a living’’ activities that restricted me.


A life that would give me the freedom to do the things that matter, such as spending more time with family, more vacations, work on my passion with youth and women issues, explore my love for hand-made accessories, dancing and helping others. I have since been on a journey to rediscovery and building a life of my own design.

I have been having the time of my life in this journey, learning and exploring ME and what powers me. Taking that first step exposed me to many possibilities, such as Entrepreneurship and self-development.

The Entrepreneur in me

My entrepreneurship journey led me to get involved with various ways in increasing my worth, earnings and building passive income. And my diverse expertise, passion and drive for personal development, business, strategic success and future technologies enable me to connect me with individuals around the globe. I thrive to continuously strengthen my ability to spark inspiration and empower my clients and everyone I come into contact with or through my online content.

My purpose is to

Inspire Empower and Activate as many women to take charge of their life’s happiness and outcome. I do this by spreading knowledge of self-development, transformation strategies and life changing stories. Through this site I want to document my journey to living the life of my own design while sharing experiences with like-minded women. And to inspire those who think this kind of life is far from their reach because of their background and financial standing.


My VISION is to help as many women with a clear ROAD MAP that they can use to take control of their lives while building a lifestyle they LOVE.


I look forward to waking up every day to work towards my desired future. I have increased my earnings and I am building businesses that will allow me to Work Wherever and Whenever I want. I work closely with my husband and in a couple of months of changing our mind-set and doing things differently, we have managed to REPLACE his INCOME and he has since left his 8 – 5 JOB… Yeah!!! We continue to work on replacing all ACTIVE INCOME in our household.

I’m not where I want to be yet BUT I’m sure well on my way because I decided to START.

My greatest Motivators

My parents ~ My Husband ~My Angel (late daughter) ~ My 2 year old daughter ~ Various powerful women who have inspiring stories to tell