The elements of change

There is a saying “Change is as good as a Holiday”. How true is this?

How many of us find change distracting? Especially if it happens just when you think you are settling in or getting things flowing.

But how do you feel about the necessary change that is initiated by you? Change that going to lead you to the next chapter of your life.

Sometimes in order for us to grow, we have to go through some changes and not all change is easy. Some change processes come with growing pains.

There are important elements needed for a proper change process to take place and each of these are equally important because without each of them present, the change process could end up with confusion, anxiety and frustration.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, you need to embrace change.

There are 5 elements required for a Change Process to be successful

  1. A Vision – a change process that has no Vision will cause confusion. The vision needs to be clear, so you know exactly why it is necessary for you to change.
  2. Skills – a change process that lacks skill will create anxiety. It is important for you to up skill yourself, so you can grow into the new you, feeling more comfortable.
  3. Commitment – if you are not going to be committed to your change, you will constantly find reasons for staying stagnant.
  4. Resources – a change process that has no Resources allocated will cause you frustration, understand the magnitude of your change process and ensure you set aside the resources needed for success.
  5. An Action plan – a change process with no Action plan will cause a false start. Have a plan and work your plan.

Try to see change as a transformation process and use these elements above to ensure your change process is as smooth as possible. Embrace the change, along with its growing pains.

How do you handle Change process in your personal development journey?

Love & Light



“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” -Albert Einstein.”

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How to best tackle your dreams as a multi-passionate entrepreneur

How many dreams and goals do you plan to achieve in your lifetime?

If you are anything like me, you have many great things that you are planning to achieve, and sometimes thinking about all this can be very overwhelming. Some of these can just be small goals or big dreams and some could even be business ideas.

Do you sometimes feel like there’s so much to do in so little time? such feelings can make anyone feel like they’re chasing their own tail.

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How to formulate your Affirmations

Each of us has a different meaning to success and It’s important that you realise that you are more powerful than you have been taught to be?

And you have everything you need within you to achieve your desired success.

Up to now, you will realize that it is your old self-limiting belief that has held you back!

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How to best react to the pandemic we are currently facing

Everywhere you turn all you hear is social distancing or quarantine yourselves for your safety!!

People are panicking because we all don’t know what to expect in this tough situation.

But you know you have two choices to make when it comes to things like these; you can either sit back and watch what unfolds or you can look around and see what opportunity lies in this time.

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You are your only limit

Ever thought that, you could be the one thing that is holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams?

When you cry out that nothing ever goes right for you, think about who or what the common denominator is , Yes, it is you.

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13 Principles of Success – Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich)

Napoleon Hill was one of the greatest people that ever lived on this earth. His work was probably used by many successful individuals in the personal development space.

After he was given an assignment by Andrew Carnegie – who was a Scottish-American industrialist, business magnate, and philanthropist. 

Napoleon spent many years of his life doing research and compiling the important trades that successful people had in common.

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Are you suffering from Shiny objects syndrome?

In the online business world, there will always be something new that promises better business models and better profits.

Will someone please shout SOS!!!

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Why you should align your Thoughts, Words and Activities?

Do you ever wonder why at some point it becomes so hard to achieve our goals?

Here’s my take; you Say one thing, while Thinking about something else. Then you spend your time doing activities that contribute to something completely different!

You are all over the place, and your energy is spread out widely.

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The Power Of Finding Your Purpose

Imagine getting into your car and driving then you realize that you don’t know where you are going!! If you keep going, you will end up anywhere the road leads you ………. And we don’t want that.

What do you do then? Yes, you find your destination then get directions to get there.

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Take Back Your Power

Who or what has taken your power from you?

Letting all your external factors take your power?

Are you on a stand still because you are waiting for a certain person to do something first so that you can be fine?

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