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7 Things to consider before leaving your 9 – 5

There is a time in some point of your life when you are strongly considering taking a leap of faith and leaving your so-called support system, your 9 – 5 job!!

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, this feeling will come to you more often than the average Jane.

Leaving the safety net of your 9 – 5 is not an easy decision as most of us are afraid of the unknown. We would rather deal with the fact that we hate our jobs or cannot have more time for family than deal with the stress of not knowing where your next pay check is going to come from.

Well, taking that leap of faith doesn’t have to be a painful journey, if you plan it correctly and make calculated decision, you have less of a burden to worry about.

Here are 7 things to consider before leaving your 9 – 5.

1.    Know and understand the motivation for leaving your 9 – 5.

Is it because of Desperation of Inspiration? It is never a good idea to make such big decisions because of desperation. Try to pin point the exact things that frustrates you about your current situation. Is it a very difficult or unbearable environment?