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How to formulate your Affirmations

Each of us has a different meaning to success and It’s important that you realise that you are more powerful than you have been taught to be?

And you have everything you need within you to achieve your desired success.

Up to now, you will realize that it is your old self-limiting belief that has held you back!

The ABC of getting what you want

Would you believe me if I told you that getting what you want is not that difficult? And would you believe me if I also told you that, the one thing that stands between you and what you want is YOU!!

Yes, YOU. You are the obstacle that is blocking you from your Desires.

The Power of Your Mind

Believe it or not, our minds are powerful instruments and we need to learn how to use them more effectively.

We take it for granted that every day we wake up with unlimited power, the power to think whatever thought we chose.

Intentional living

How intentional are you in living your everyday life?

Did you know that every single day when you wake up, you have the power to influence how you would like your day to be like? Unless of course you have someone, who waits for you to wake up, so they can tell you what you should fill your thoughts with!! I didn’t think so….