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Take Back Your Power

Who or what has taken your power from you?

Letting all your external factors take your power?

Are you on a stand still because you are waiting for a certain person to do something first so that you can be fine?

The Power of Your Mind

Believe it or not, our minds are powerful instruments and we need to learn how to use them more effectively.

We take it for granted that every day we wake up with unlimited power, the power to think whatever thought we chose.

Do you know the difference between your JOB and your Work?

Did you know that there is a difference between your Job and your Work? Most of us are so focused on our jobs we are not putting enough time to find out what our God-given work is.

Your job is not your work, but your work can be your job. Everyone was placed in this planet for a purpose and have work that they need to perform. The real job should be finding out what your work is.